About Boone County EGC

About Boone, Iowa

Boone County, Iowa is centrally located and has a population of nearly 26,000 and a Regional Workforce Population of 684,890. Communities in Boone County possess an enviable richness of highly productive and educated citizens as well as a diverse economic base of industrial, agricultural, educational, and service enterprises.

Boone County offers great locations for both rail and interstate transportation needs. Strategically located about 45 miles north of the capital city of Des Moines and Interstate 80, and just to the west of Interstate 35, most of Boone County can be accessed by 4-lane US Highway 30. The location and transportation systems allow for easy receipt and distribution of product. Boone County is located about 45-60 minutes from the Des Moines International Airport.

Iowa State University is just 20 minutes from most of the communities in Boone County and offers a multitude of research and development opportunities to help both startup and existing businesses. Access to faculty, students and staff is also available for work on business and organizational projects.

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Our Mission:

To organize and implement a pro-active and ongoing plan for economic development with new and existing business in Boone County and the surrounding area.

Boone County Economic Growth Corporation

The Boone County Economic Growth Corporation is a 501(c)4 economic development organization funded by both private and public sources. Our focus is to boost the local economy by assisting existing business in their expansion efforts, and by targeting industries that fit our strategic advantages. Our success has been predicated on forging partnerships with key stakeholders and crafting winning proposals that meet or exceed the needs of the site selector.

Boone County offers an abundance of resources for companies and families and is home to a diverse group of industries. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your site location needs.

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Our History

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Boone County EGC Officers

United Bank of Iowa Logo

Andy Hunziker


Boone Bank & Trust Logo

Michael Tungesvik

Vice President

Modern Dress Logo

Ashley Redeker

Past President

Vision Bank Logo

Amy Landas


Bill zinnel

Boone County Board of Supervisors

Bill Skare

City of Boone

Brian Reimers

City of Ogden

Jim Heckman

At Large

Nerem & Associates Real Estate & Insurance Logo

Nate Nerem

At Large

Travis Stevenson

At Large

Ames economic development commission logo

Brenda Dryer

Executive Director

Board of Directors

Satoshi Wantanabe – AgCertain

Mason Adams – Alliant Energy

Brenda Dryer – Ames Economic Development Commission

Hans Boehm – Boehm Insurance

Travis Stevenson – Boone Scenic Valley Railroad

Michael Tungesvik – Boone Bank & Trust

Julie Trepa, Boone Community School District

Bill Zinnel – Boone County Board of Supervisors

Mikaela Kienitz – Boone County Hospital

Jeff Anderson – Boone Vision

Gabe Bowers – Bowers-Digmann Financial

Mike Hammond – Bramble Ridge Catering

Bill Skare – City of Boone

Lane Shaver – City of Madrid

Margaret Liston – City of Ogden

Jenn Woods – Elite Construction

Kolby Pritchard – Fareway

Scott Arnold – ITC Midwest

Meredith Nerem – Jordan & Mahoney

Cody Bowers – Kruck Plumbing & Heating

Logan Messenbrink – Lane Trailer Manufacturing Company

Tom Blanford – Members 1st Credit Union

Bill McKim – Midland Power Cooperative

Ashley Redeker – Modern Dress

Charlie Moffitt – Moffitt’s Ford

Nate Nerem – Nerem & Associates

Brian Reimers – Ogden Legacy

Jim Heckman – Ogden Telephone

Terry Goodman – PDM

Jayme Ungs – Peoples Bank

Jeremy Pritchard – Pritchard Brothers Plumbing & Heating

Matt Timm – Proliant

Eric Hammer – RH Grabau

Mike Espeset – Story Construction

Andy Hunziker – United Bank of Iowa

Dan Dighton – US Bank

Amy Landas – VisionBank

Zach Phillips – Woodruff Construction