Cultivating the economic growth of Boone County, Iowa

Develop Your Business in Boone County, Iowa

The Boone County Economic Growth Corporation (BCEGC) has a robust history of working with both large and small business and industry, all choosing Boone County as the place to grow. Boone County is home to 11 different communities and over 26,000 residents. Boone County is centrally located in the state of Iowa and serves as a great location for both rail and interstate transportation needs. With close proximity to Iowa State University, locating in Boone County offers a multitude of research and development opportunities.

Owners of Kruck Plumbing & Heating standing outside of their business

Strategically Located

Choosing to locate in Boone County strategically positions your company to access international markets and allows you to grow a world class company in the middle of Iowa’s Cultivation Corridor. Iowa State University, located just 20 minutes from most of Boone County, offers a multitude of research and development opportunities to help both startup and existing businesses.

Right fit, right feel

Small-town feel, with BIG connections. When you are choosing where to locate your new business many factors come into play. You need a skilled workforce, great educational opportunities, and access to good healthcare. You seek innovative tax incentives, and a vibrant community environment. Come begin your journey in Boone County – it’s the right place to do business.

Fueling the Future

The economic development strategies at work in Boone County include implementing successful and innovative approaches to community economic development. This includes residential growth, downtown development, entrepreneurship, industrial development, and a cluster of companies built around renewable products.